Customer Focused Content.

We will help you develop content tailored to your customers. Good content that gets your messages across clearly is one of the most important elements of a website. Without the right content you can’t communicate with your customers. We are professional writers with years of experience in web content development. Let us help you find your voice!

Social Media.

We’ll help you develop a plan for connecting with your customers through various social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and even RSS. Keeping in touch and getting the word out there about your business and all you have to offer doesn’t take a lot of time. We’ll help you determine what is appropriate for your business and establish a plan for integrating social media into your website.



We have a relationship with Google Analytics to help you make the most from your web presence. We can give you detailed information about your visitors and specifics about the searches they do. This is very helpful to you in determining where you need to tweak your site, and also to us when analyzing information before completing search engine work.


Tangled Web Services

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Web Site Design, Maintenance & Hosting

We specialize in appealing web site design, but we also make your site functional and user-friendly, as well as successful for you! One of your first decisions will be to choose a domain name for your site. People usually opt for their business name with a .com on the end so their customers can remember it easily, but another option is to buy a keyword rich domain name that will help with search engine results. We suggest you have email addressed to as it sends a much more professional image than using a generic e-mail address from either your Internet Service Provider, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL.

Quality, custom artwork is created with high-end graphic programs, a scanner and digital camera for your photos, layouts and logos. We can also do 360° spinning photos that the viewer can navigate through going left, right, up and down, and can even click on links to take them to different areas that are perfect for selling homes, property or your goods and services. If Flash animations are more your style, we can provide those as well.

Frequent updating is essential. Any time you advertise something special in traditional media, or run a sale, your Internet site should reflect it. If you add new products to your line, change prices, or add new services, your website will need to show that as well.